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5 Unique Marketing Trends to Follow in 2023

Marketing is moving more towards a data driven, quantitative, way of thinking; Search Engine Optimization, Google Analytics, engagement numbers, etc. With that being said, it's important to not forget the qualitative, 'soft', components that can't be measured but still make a big difference in your marketing influence.

I've put together 5 noteworthy trends that you will see become more and more evident as we go through 2023.

Marketing Trends To Follow in 2023

Video, Video, Video

Photos are so 2019 and videos are very 2023. If you take a quick look on any of the major social media platforms - Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, even Twitter - you’ll find all of them filled with videos. Tik Tok is a fully video platform, Instagram completely changed their model to compete in the market, Facebook joined in the fun to stay relevant, YouTube even changed their platform to include mini videos! If you want to stay competitive, whether it be a multinational company or your personal brand, creating and posting videos is the way to go.

One key thing to remember when it comes to videos is that you don’t want to go too long but you don’t want to go too short either. If you’re making a How-to video, you might want to go a bit longer and include the information you need to. If you’re sending out a video trying to get people to visit the website, don’t make the video too long, you’re trying to keep them wanting more, make the website the place to get all the information.

When developing each video content and promotional strategy, keep your brand image and voice in mind, what information you want to give out, and what is the overall goal of the video.

Create A Community

Make your brand a home. One of the best things Lululemon has done when it comes to branding is creating a sense of belonging to a community when you buy their products. It is almost like joining an exclusive club.

You don’t have to appeal to the masses or charge people a lot of money to make this happen though, that should not be the goal. The goal should be for your target audience to buy into your company so much that they feel like they are a part of it. You should be trying to find a way to make your brand the place everyone wants to be, and everyone wants to stay.

Social Initiatives

Not everything has to be about making the sale or making money. There is a huge benefit, not only to your company but to those around you, when you participate in social initiatives. These initiatives can range from donating to charities and foundations to volunteering to improving environmental policies and much more. People want to know that the company they are supporting has good intentions and are more than just money making machine.

When I say this is a marketing trend, I’m not saying you’re supposed to create an entire campaign fully dedicated to promoting your involvement in the initiative. I’m saying you can promote it with a social media post, a mini paragraph on your website, you can definitely promote it, but you’re doing it more recognizing that it establishes goodwill towards your brand.

You don’t need to change the world by giving away everything you have and then telling people you did it, you just need to give back to the community and show people you’re a brand worth more than just what you’re selling.

Sell Without Selling

It can sometimes be forgotten how important brand awareness and recognition are when it comes to marketing your company and/or brand. There is a general consensus in marketing that you need to ‘touch’ a potential consumer 7 times before they take action towards buying from you - known as the ‘7 Touch Rule’.

This thinking helps you realize that you don’t need to mention a sale or a price at every turn. Networking, social media posts, newsletters, handouts, just about anything promoting your brand is a touch-point. Not every single one of those touch-points needs to show a price, or say ‘buy now’, or be an outward selling tool.

There is an art to ‘sell without selling’ but there are some simple ways to go about it. Create an aesthetic, a vibe, that makes people think they need to get your product in order to be part of that life. Make a video about your product or service and the benefits it can give people. Feature reviews on your website from consumers. It’s all about making people committed to buying your offering before they even know the price.

Social Media

This one isn’t necessarily unique but it’s something that definitely needs to be mentioned in every 2023 trend post. Social media is a great way to get your brand out to people who wouldn’t normally see it. You can really promote your brand image and voice while keeping it light and fun at the same time.

If your business is not on social media, you’re doing something wrong. Okay not actually, you’re probably doing a great job so ignore that! But seriously, social media can be a huge marketing tool, a sales one too!

Grow your following, talk with customers, gather market data, promote your business, social media is a versatile tool worth investing your time in.


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